2019 Jaguar E-Pace Review, Price, Equipment

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 - Jaguar

After the F-Pace, Jaguar republishes the SUV experience in a more compact partition. The 2019 Jaguar E-Pace comes to play on the lands of the Germans with decisively sporting ambitions. Does he have the capacity? Response to the steering wheel of the D240 version.

Distanced by its German competitors in the premium sedan market, the British brand owes its salvation to the SUV and, in particular, to the F-Pace, which ensured for the Europe market nearly 60% of the brand’s volumes. Jaguar copies/sticks this winning recipe in a more compact version with the E-Pace. 4.40 m Long, he shares his underwear with the Range Rover Evoque and renews his big Brother’s athletic style. The codes that appeal are present like the feline look, the wide shoulders and the back part similar to that of the F-Type with a very sporty fire drawing. The 2019 Jaguar E-Pace is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of the segment, dominating at least on this plane its rivals are the Audi Q3, the BMW X2, and the Mercedes GLA with much more conventional lines.

On the other hand, the cat loses its charm. The cockpit is tasteless and several low-end plastics disappoint for a vehicle of this standing, Notammet on the entourage of the multimedia system and the doors. Our trial version, a high-end equipped with a leather interior, saves the bet. But you will have to pay a minimum of 56 800 € with the HSE finish or check the leather option to 2 393 €.

Jaguar has equipped its SUV with the latest technology from the group such as the 100% digital instrumentation and the infotainment Touch Pro system. The latter offers a lot of features such as a 4g Wi-Fi terminal (for 8 peripherals) or the “InControl” system which gives inter alia the possibility of remotely setting the cockpit temperature before a trip, but its navigation interface is far To be a health walk. If there is one area in which the E-Pace is illustrated, it is welcome.

The British reserves a correct space, given its reduced size, its rear passengers and a really good seating comfort for the category. Same finding for the trunk volume, with 577 liters, which places it among the best on the market.

2019 Jaguar E-Pace Rear tail Light Changes Concept

2019 Jaguar E-Pace Test Drive

In the compact SUV jungle, the new 2019 Jaguar E-Pace boasts among the most athletic. Its aggressive design, its powerful engines (from 150 to 300 hp), although 4 cylinders, and an armada of driving aids dedicated to efficiency such as integral transmission, torque tracing, suspension driven with Trim Checker (option), etc. If the envy is there, these equipment act as a dressing against the first enemy of a sports car: the weight. The British flirts with the 2 tons on the scale (1 926 kg)! It is on average 200 kg more than its direct competitors are the Audi Q3 and the BMW X2. In other words, far too much for a compact SUV.

It is the placement and the braking that the overweight of English is felt because in phases of acceleration and recovery, the important powers erase any impression of heaviness. On this side no fear, the E-Pace will never be in power deficit. Especially if one is driving the version 240 ch diesel, rich in torque (500 Nm) and perfectly seconded by the good management of ZF box with 9 reports. The 4-cylinder responds to this and takes the car with vigor or comfort, depending on your mood, thanks to the different driving programs. Financially, this version will cost you an average of 9 L/100 km at the pump and a malus of 4 460 € In addition to the sale price already salted (from 53 400 €). A less greedy version, diesel of 150 hp with two-wheel drive and less penalized by the Malus is also available (from 35 700 €).

Its chassis is not the most sharpened of the segment, but all the driving aids almost give it the expected dynamism. The 2019 Jaguar E-Pace is not reluctant to tease the curves. The Franche direction leads a precise and responsive front train while the firm suspension takes care to retain solid supports, unfortunately at the expense of the comfort that is passable for a vehicle of this standing. The E-Pace, tested with the passive suspensions and the rear train of the XE sedan, is far from offering peaceful travel to its passengers.

Finally, the integral transmission, equipped with a torque tracing, loads-in case-to send more torque to the outer wheel in order to alleviate the understeer. 2019 Jaguar E-Pace cannot deny its kinship with Land Rover since it has offroad capabilities with different dedicated programs. Who would dare?

2019 Jaguar E-Pace Equipments

The catalog of finishes is expanded with 5 levels in total and an “R-Dynamic” version available for each of them, based on aesthetics (wideners, large diameter rims, etc.). A peculiar feature of the Jaguar/Land Rover group.

The entry-level, from 35 700 €, takes advantage of the assistance at start-up in the coast, the stability control, the electric parking brake, the automatic lighting of the headlights and automatic wiper, the LED lamps, the alloy wheels 17 ‘ ‘, the seats Manually adjustable, from the speed controller with limiter, from the track-keeping assistance with drowsiness detection, rear obstacle detectors with back-up camera, the InControl Touch Multimedia system with 10 ‘ ‘ touch screen equipped with the Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming, 125 W audio system with 2 USB ports, etc.

The top level called “S” (from 41 050 €) is enriched with 18″ rims, electrically adjustable front seats, navigation, Wi-Fi access, intelligent speed controller with a reading of the signs, assistance to Parking with obstacle detectors at 360 °, detection of reverse traffic.

The heart of the Range “SE” (from 49 850 €) Adds the 19″ rims, the automatic driving light assistant, the electric trunk opening, the electrically adjustable seats, the Meridian 380W audio system, the adaptive Speed controller, the system of Monitoring of dead angles with active assistance and high speed emergency braking.

The high-end “HSE” (from 53 800 €) embarks on the rims 20″, the electric tailgate opening with freehand function, Windsor leather seats, digital instrumentation with 12.3″ screen, and keyless input and closing function.

The “InControl” system, to be downloaded on its smartphone, allows to interact with its vehicle remotely, to locate it in a parking lot by making it honk and Blink, to check the fuel level and the remaining autonomy, if the car is Locked and if the windows are closed or not. The doors can be opened or closed remotely, the cockpit brought to the desired temperature and the emergency services called automatically in the event of a collision.

2019 Jaguar E-Pace Price

The Jaguar E-Pace (from 35 700 €), a new entrant to the premium SUV market, targets the most athletic competitors like the recent BMW X2 (from 39 700) or the aging Audi Q3 (from 30 930 €). Other rivals of choice must be taken into account because of their standing in the image of the new and shiny Volvo XC40 (from 45 100 € at the moment), the Range Rover Evoque of which it is technically closed and the Mercedes GLA (from 29 700 €). Finally, it can also be positioned in front of the French, the DS 7 Crossback.

Jaguar arrives with strong ambitions in a premium SUV market that starts to densify. The British can bet on his seductive physique and his dynamic performances but his disappointing general discomfort may well tip the scales to his German and Swedish competitors. The 2019 Jaguar E-Pace wanted to place itself as the most athletic of the market, it will have to iron.

2019 Jaguar E-Pace Review, Price, Equipment Pictures

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