2020 Tesla Model Y SUV: New Updates, Specs, Price & More

Saturday, March 16th, 2019 - Tesla

Tesla will unveil on Thursday, live from California, its fifth model: the 2020 Tesla Model Y. The compact SUV will ultimately be a model 3 elevated, which could appeal to all those who swear by this type of vehicle.

The arrival of a new car at Tesla is inevitably an event. The brand, which launched a few days ago its brand new Supercharger, is now preparing to unveil a car probably crucial for the brand. On the one hand, because it is “compact”, but also because it is an SUV.

2020 Tesla Model Y SUV Platform & Design

The Model Y will normally rest on the platform of the Model 3, to which it will take again the batteries, the interior and most of the style. The problem, of course, with an SUV is its handicap in terms of penetration into the air: bigger, higher and heavier, it will be less efficient than the Model 3while being more expensive by about 10% (estimate announced by Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla).

Will this slow down the buyers? Probably not, considering that the SUV market still does not seem to want to pack, whether in the United States as in Europe.

This 2020 Tesla Model Y SUV will be unveiled Thursday and we already know that it will be compatible with the new generation of Superchargers. On the other hand, it could skip the proposed air suspension on Mode 3. The rest of the details in three days.

2020 Tesla Model Y Release date & Price

Model Y will have a lot to do. Tesla has just unveiled the technical characteristics of the machine which are for the most part, unsurprisingly, very similar to those of the Model 3:

  • Autonomy ranging from 370 to 482 km (depending on version)
  • 0 to 96 km / h ranging from 3.9 seconds to 5.5 seconds (depending on version)
  • seven places
  • Interior has taken from Model 3
  • Four versions: Standard, Long Range, Dual Motor and Performance

Price & Release Date

As for Model 3, Tesla will start production with the most expensive versions, with a call price of $51,000 in the United States. For France, it will be necessary to wait before discovering the final prices, but do not expect a Model Y to less than 40 000 € before a long time, since the marketing of the access model is scheduled for spring 2021.

By then, competitors in electric will be even more numerous (including BMW and Mercedes, which are not yet in the segment). Of course, the 2020 Tesla Model Y retains an advantage over the others: the 7 seats (Elon Musk explains that the Model Y can accommodate 7 adults). But in a size of 4.70 meters, almost 30 centimeters more than the rivals mentioned above. Anyway, by the end of 2021, we’ll really see if Tesla manages to be competitive when it is no longer alone at launch. 

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